Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence

What makes MBZUAI unique

Research Focus

The research themes of MBZUAI have been developed to ensure that all research activities and projects are most useful for the present and the future of the country.


Learning (ML)
Vision (CV)
Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Partnerships and Collaborations:

MBZUAI believes that partnerships are necessary to enable it to perform its various activities with excellence.

MBZUAI believes that partnerships are necessary to enable it to perform its various activities with excellence. Partnerships could be academic, focusing on education and research, or they could be operational, focusing on the support functions that are necessary for operating the University.

Some examples of partnerships are:

Academic Partners, such as local institutions, international institutions, virtual learning platforms, think tanks

Industry Partners, collaborating on research projects, development of new technologies, lab setup, and so on

Operations Partners, such as service providers, marketing agencies, outsourcing companies, and so on

Collaboration with industry leaders in the UAE, as well as internationally, is a strategic objective for MBZUAI. It allows the university to provide the most relevant skillsets to its students based on market needs, and will allow the businesses to benefit from the unique expertise and research capabilities available in the university.

Potential areas of collaboration with the industry and different sectors are:

  • Joint and sponsored research
  • Joint consultancy projects
  • Interim employment opportunities
  • Recruitment of graduates
  • Joint academic curriculum development
  • Hosting conferences, seminars and events
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The MBZUAI Library is a gateway to a wide range of physical and electronic resources and services, collated and designed to support the learning, teaching, and information needs of the University’s academic programs, and scholarly and research interests.

Located in the Knowledge Center building, the Library provides spaces for engagement between faculty and students, complemented by quiet areas for concentration and contemplation. Comfortable reading areas and study rooms create a productive atmosphere for research.

Electronic resources are accessible remotely, as well as from within the library. Discover the library’s resources and services on the Library Portal

We invite you to make full use of the broad array of digital information and valuable knowledge preserved in print. You are encouraged to take advantage of the well-informed staff, who are ready to assist you with your research and library use.