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Research Focus

Research Themes

Research will be focused on the following four themes:

1. Services and Quality of Life:
How AI can improve services offered by the government and private sectors, including offering new innovative services, and optimizing current ones.

The services provided by the government are the first touch point with all members of society, whether they are citizens, expats, or visitors. The UAE is regional and global leader in this aspect. To maintain its position at the forefront of service provision, the UAE must start looking into more innovative ways of offering its services, and optimize them further through the use of technology and AI.

2. Industrial and Manufacturing Technologies:

How AI can be used to improve productivity, increase the quality and efficiency of industrial and manufacturing processes.


The UAE has major industrial and manufacturing sectors, especially in the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector, which are currently the powerhouse of the national economy. By adopting the right AI technologies, these, and other related sectors, can improve their productivity, quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

3. Future Game Changers:
How AI can support advancement in emerging sectors in order to ensure economical prosperity and continued betterment of our lives.


The world is changing at an increasingly fast pace. The UAE’s Centennial 2071 vision, and subsequent strategies, have shifted the focus from the conventional sectors to futuristic ones that will open new doors for the economy to flourish. MBZUAI must focus its research efforts in advancing AI technology in the same direction.

4. Sustainability of Vital Resources and Environment:

How AI can support in optimizing the consumption of vital natural resources, and contribute to conserving our environment for the future generations


One of the biggest threats to the prosperity and stability of the country is the sufficient and consistent supply of natural resources. Consumption of fresh water, oil and gas, minerals, and other resources is on the rise. Technology and AI may help optimize the consumption of these vital resources, allowing us to enjoy them for many generations to come.

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Outreach and Engagement

The aim of the Outreach and Engagement Division is to drive and support the advancement of knowledge creation and transfer, and the use of artificial intelligence in line with the main research themes of the university.

This comes through the provision of AI advisory and consultancy services and programs in response to requests and challenges government and private sector clients. Outreach and Engagement contact:

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Public Engagement with Research

One of the main focus areas for MBZUAI is offering professional services to external clients by leveraging the unique expertise that the faculty hold. MBZUAI’s aim is to help clients address their needs by utilizing the expertise and knowledge of our capable faculty. 

Engagement segments include:

1. Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates
2. Abu Dhabi Government
3. Large businesses
4. SMEs
5. AI startups

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