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07 December 2020 ∙ NEWS

MBZUAI Talks: “AI is the new electricity” – Dr. Kai-Fu Lee Explores the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

ABU DHABI, 7 December 2020 – Artificial intelligence has become a central driving force for technological innovation and progress around the world in recent years. In a few decades, a number of AI superpower nations have emerged, leading the development of AI and setting examples of how supportive ecosystems can enable AI and technological development to thrive.

The Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI), the world’s first graduate-level, research-based artificial intelligence (AI) university, invites members of the public to its upcoming MBZUAI Talks lecture which will explore the evolution of AI and the subsequent rise of China as a leading force in the development of the technology. The talk by Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, member of the MBZUAI Board of Trustees, and Chairman and CEO of Sinovation Ventures and President of Sinovation Venture’s Artificial Intelligence Institute, will highlight the continuing challenges in developing AI and will outline steps to overcome these challenges and accelerate commercial applications of the technology. The session, titled ‘Commercial Applications of AI’ will be held online on Tuesday, 8 December, 6:00 PM UAE time.  

Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is one of the world’s leading AI minds and business leaders.  He has served in a number of prominent roles in the tech industry including senior roles at Google, Microsoft, Apple, and SGI. He broke new ground with the development of the world’s first large-vocabulary, speaker-independent, continuous speech recognition system in his Ph.D. thesis at Carnegie Mellon.  

Dr. Lee said: “In the upcoming MBZUAI Talks session, I will be discussing the evolution of AI and how this technology will create tremendous value over the next decade. I firmly believe AI is the new electricity, and will explain how it will ultimately liberate us, as humans, to focus on what we are really good at.”

Event registration is free and can be completed at https://mbzuai.ac.ae/aitalks/.

To find out more information about the upcoming sessions, follow MBZUAI on social media or visit the University’s website www.mbzuai.ac.ae.


About Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI)

MBZUAI is the world’s first graduate-level, research-based artificial intelligence (AI) university. Launched in October 2019 and located in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, the University aims to empower students, businesses and governments to advance artificial intelligence as a global force for positive progress. For more information, please visit www.mbzuai.ac.ae.

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