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From ambitious energy innovation to space exploration, the UAE is a young nation that embraces its rich heritage while reaching for the stars. Home to more than 200 nationalities, the UAE is a global hub, attracting economic investment, world-class talent, and renowned institutions alike, creating a vibrant tapestry of Emirati history and modern experiences.


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Gilbert Barton
Gilbert Barton Student


Does MBZUAI offer student accommodation?
MBZUAI provides student housing. Living at MBZUAI residences offers students the opportunity to develop their social skills in tandem with their academic potential, while forging lasting friendships and participating in social activities.
What are the facilitates near MBZUAI?
The University is located in Masdar City, a well-situated, thriving area which is home to more than 450 global and local companies. Masdar City features a growing selection of outlets such as banking branches, shopping malls, supermarkets, medical services, pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes. It as an attractive community in which people can live, work, learn and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.
What are the student services offered by MBZUAI?
Our campus includes a wide range of services specially customized to meet and accommodate the needs of our students. Students have access to a range of services such as advising, counseling, IT support, health services and insurance, prayer rooms, dining facilities, and student lounges.
How is campus life?
MBZUAI is committed to enriching University campus life by offering students a chance to take initiatives and assume leadership roles through numerous activities and experiences. Students are closely involved in organizing extracurricular activities, major and minor events on campus throughout the academic year.
Is there transportation from the Residences to different campus location?
Masdar City is walkable and pedestrian friendly. It features an integrated and smart network of transportation options to create an accessible, livable community designed to encourage and promote low-carbon public transportation. The transportation options include Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and in the future, Metro Line and Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Abu Dhabi.
What amenities are included with the accommodation?
All students who will be living on campus will be provided with accommodation in the Masdar City campus. They will be provided with a single apartment containing en-suite facilities, kitchen and living area with TV and internet connection. Facilities on campus for all students include a gym, multi-purpose areas for sports activities, restaurants, coffee shops, and organic food store, plus a canteen that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Do I have to attend the Orientation program?
It is essential to attend the Orientation program. Please refer to the Orientation dates provided with your admission offer or through contacting Student Affairs. Attendance will significantly ease your transition experience to the University and help in gaining a better understanding of the various academic and administrative services available on campus. The Orientation serves as a platform to get to know your fellow new students, and current students who will be present as volunteers, to assist throughout the program.