Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence Mohamed Bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence


Where is MBZUAI located and what are the official working hours?

MBZUAI is based in Abu Dhabi, in a single campus located in Masdar City. Our official workings hours are from 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM (UAE time), Sunday to Thursday.

Does MBZUAI provide car parking?

Car parking is provided for all registered students and available for guests.

Is MBZUAI a government university or a private university?

MBZUAI has a separate legal personality and the full legal capacity to act. It is affiliated to the Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

Where and how can someone obtain information on MBZUAI?

Information about MBZUAI can be obtained through our Contact Us page on the website.



Life in Abu Dhabi and MBZUAI

How is campus life?

MBZUAI is committed to enriching University campus life by offering students a chance to take initiatives and assume leadership roles through numerous activities and experiences. Students are closely involved in organizing extracurricular activities, major and minor events on campus throughout the academic year.

Does MBZUAI offer student accommodation?

MBZUAI provides student accommodation on a single occupancy basis with separate male and female student quarters. Living at MBZUAI residences offers students the opportunity to develop their social skills in tandem with their academic potential, while forging lasting friendships and participating in social activities.

What amenities are included with the accommodation?

All students are given housing accommodation in the Masdar City campus. They will be provided with accommodation containing en-suite facilities, kitchen and living area with TV and internet connection. Facilities on campus for all students include a gym, multi-purpose areas for sports activities, restaurants, coffee shops, and organic food store, plus a canteen that is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Is there transportation from the Residences to different campus location?

Masdar City is walkable and pedestrian friendly. It features an integrated and smart network of transportation options to create an accessible, livable community designed to encourage and promote low-carbon public transportation. The transportation options include Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and in the future, Metro Line and Light Rail Transit (LRT) to Abu Dhabi.

What are the facilities near MBZUAI?

The University is located in Masdar City, a well-situated, thriving area which is home to more than 450 global and local companies. Masdar City features a growing selection of outlets such as banking branches, shopping malls, supermarkets, medical services, pharmacies, restaurants, and cafes. It as an attractive community in which people can live, work, learn and enjoy a variety of recreational activities.

What are the student services offered by MBZUAI?

Our campus includes a wide range of services specially customized to meet and accommodate the needs of our students. Students have access to a range of services such as advising, counseling, IT support, health services and insurance, prayer rooms, dining facilities, and student lounges.




What are the procedures for applying?

A student who meets the admission requirements (refer to https://mbzuai.ac.ae/study/admissions#admission-requirements) may submit an application online at https://mbzuai.ac.ae/register. 

Is there any Age limit to apply and study at MBZUAI?

No, there is No age limit.

What nationalities does MBZUAI accept?

MBZUAI is commited to promoting diversity, intercultural understanding, and equal opportunity in academic excellence, research, teaching, leadership, administration, and service across the university community MBZUAI does not discriminate on the basis of nationality, religion, sect, or any special needs that students may have. As an institution of higher learning, we welcome a plurality of backgrounds and perspectives.

Does MBZUAI offer scholarships?

All students admitted on a full-time basis are granted upon acceptance the privilege to complete their study with a full scholarship including 100% tuition, a monthly stipend and many more benefits. However, and in order to maintain their scholarships, stipends and other benefits, students are expected to maintain high academic standing, comply with the university code of conduct and fulfill certain requirements during their study tenure.

Does MBZUAI accept part-time students?

Yes, MBZUAI will accept part-time students provided that they are of high academic standing and have been admitted /approved by the university admission committee. However, they will be subject to paying tuition fees. The tuition fee structure will be published on the website as soon as it’s available.

What are the requirements to apply?

The list of admission requirements is available on our Admission Requirements Webpage  https://mbzuai.ac.ae/study/admissions#admission-requirements

What are the minimum English language requirements (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS test scores)?

For applications submitted from Fall 2021 intake onwards: Each applicant has to show proof of English language ability by providing a TOEFL iBT with a minimum total score of 90 or IELTS Academic with a minimum overall score of 6.5. TOEFL iBT and IELTS Academic certificates should be valid during the application process.

Waiver requests from eligible applicants who are citizens (by passport or nationality) of UK, USA, Australia, and New Zealand who completed their studies from K-12 until Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree (if applicable) from those same countries will be processed. They need to submit notarized copies of their documents during the application stage and attested documents upon admission. Waiver decisions will be given within seven days after receiving all requirements.


How can I submit my GRE/TOEFL official score reports to MBZUAI?

Please upload a copy of your test score certificates to the online application. You can also have the test score sent directly to MBZUAI using the following institutional codes:  GRE institutional code: 4747 TOEFL institutional code: C582

Can I transfer credits from another academic institution?

The University limits the number of transfer credits which may be applied to a specific degree program to 6 Credit Hours for Master’s, and 9 Credit Hours to PhD. Transferred credits need to be offered at the appropriate graduate level, and which have learning outcomes comparable to those of MBZUAI programs from relevant courses with equivalent learning outcomes with grades of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better.

MBZUAI Admission Committee will have the ultimate right to reject/accept the transfer requests for any student.

Can I make changes to my applications?

Students will be allowed to change any information and upload documents prior to the submission of their application. Afterwards, all change and document upload requests have to be sent by email to admission@mbzuai.ac.ae.

How do I write my research proposal?

Prior to drafting the research proposal, PhD applicants are encouraged to explore the university’s research priorities (https://mbzuai.ac.ae/research) and our faculty’s profiles (https://mbzuai.ac.ae/study#faculty-sec). Research proposal guidelines can be found on the Admissions – Requirements webpage (https://mbzuai.ac.ae/study/admissions#admission-requirements).

What is Preferred Faculty?

During the initial stage of the admission process, applicants are encouraged to select their potential supervisor from the university’s list of faculty members (https://mbzuai.ac.ae/study#faculty-sec). Each admitted student will be assigned a faculty supervisor who will provide guidance in all aspects of his/her graduate studies – academic, research, and administrative.

When do I submit my final transcripts for admission to MBZUAI?

You are expected to submit your official graduation certificate/s and transcript/s upon securing admission. A degree attestation (for degrees from the UAE) or an equivalency certificate (for degrees acquired outside the UAE) should also be furnished within your first semester at the university. For more details on the attestation and equalization procedures, please visit the UAE MOE website: https://www.moe.gov.ae/en/eservices/pages/servicecatalog.aspx.

When is the admission deadline?

We welcome applicants to apply at any time.

When will I be notified about the final decision on my MBUZAI admission application?

Be sure to monitor MBZUAI’s online portal regularly for any updates regarding your application. Pending tasks will delay the processing of your application. Please contact the admission department for an estimated time frame to expect a decision.

I am due to graduate after the admissions deadline closes and I haven’t received my degree certificate yet. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can still apply, original transcripts and degrees will only be required once an admission offer has been issued.

What do I do if I need to withdraw after being admitted to MBZUAI?

Students who wish to withdraw should notify the admission office. Applications can be deferred to the following semester or the following academic year, pending approval from the Admission Committee.

Do I have to attend the Orientation program?

It is essential to attend the Orientation program. Please refer to the Orientation dates provided with your admission offer or through contacting Student Affairs. Attendance will significantly ease your transition experience to the University and help in gaining a better understanding of the various academic and administrative services available on campus. The Orientation serves as a platform to get to know your fellow new students, and current students who will be present as volunteers, to assist throughout the program. Please find important dates related to our Academic Calendar on the Study@ page.




What do I need to do before I can register for classes at MBZUAI?
To register for classes, you must complete all your admission and enrollment requirements. Check the online portal to make sure you don’t have any holds and make an appointment with your academic supervisor who can help you register for classes. How big will classes be? MBZUAI believes in creating a close student-faculty relationship from the first class all the way to graduation. For this reason, class size is generally limited to a maximum of 20 students but in most cases would be significantly less.
What happens if I fail a course?
Students who fail in any course must retake the it but will be responsible to cover the costs of the credit hours of that course.
How can I get in touch with my academic supervisor?
Each student will be assigned to a faculty member who will take responsibility for providing academic advice and monitoring progress of the student in the degree. The faculty will provide academic and professional advice to all students and assist with their course selection in accordance with the student’s academic progress. Faculty will post regular consultation hours when they are available to meet with students.



Academic Programs

What graduate programs does MBZUAI offer?

MBZUAI will offer three PhD and three MSc programs in three AI specializations: Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) - open for admission Academic Year 2021-2022.

Can I apply for more than one program at MBZUAI?

Applicants can only apply to one program per semester.

What are the requirements to complete the graduate programs?

The students are required to complete all Master’s programs requirements within 2 years. The minimum degree requirements are 35 Credits. For PhD programs, the requirements need to be completed within 4 years with a minimum degree requirement of 59 Credits.