Thanks to its visionary leadership, the United Arab Emirates is at the forefront of nations positioned to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to positively impact societies, drive economic growth, and gain an edge globally. To lead in this fourth industrial revolution, AI must become the central pillar upon which modern systems are built. With that in mind, MBZUAI has prepared a program that will equip you with the necessary tools to ensure your organization’s readiness to support our Nation’s aspirations.

The Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) Executive Program aims to provide you with a practical, personalized, and immersive experience, including six online sessions by world-class AI experts. Through this program you will gain practical grounding in AI and its implications in business and policy-making as well as access to an exclusive community of senior business and government leaders and AI experts in the region and abroad.

The MBZUAI Executive Program

The MBZUAI Executive Program was developed to help nurture and empower AI-savvy leaders across government, industry, academia and beyond. It is a critical extension of MBZUAI and it is taught by some of the leading minds and innovators in the AI industry.

As a participant, you will engage with global AI experts including:

  • Professor Eric Xing (MBZUAI)
  • Professor Sir Michael Brady (Oxford)
  • Professor Daniela Rus (MIT)
  • Professor Raj Reddy (Turing Award Laureate, Carnegie Mellon)
  • Professor Michael Jordan (UC Berkeley)
  • Dr. Kai-fu Lee (Sinovation Ventures)
  • Professor Tom Mitchell (Carnegie Mellon)
  • Dr. Peng Zhao (Citadel Securities)
  • Dr. Xuedong Huang (Microsoft)
  • Professor Justine Cassell (Carnegie Mellon)

The MBZUAI Executive Program also aims to establish a strong AI community in the region and globally. Through interactive engagement, the Executive Program will aim to support and advance your organization’s development and enable vital digital transformation.

Other important and useful information:
Registration open: September 6, 2021
Registration close: October 7, 2021
Date of Orientation: October 23, 2021
Expected date of graduation:
January 29, 2022
Frequency of the course: bi-weekly (detailed schedule of classes will be
 confirmed soon)
Tuition: AED 15,000 per person, payable 7 days before October 23, 2021

Program Modules


Orientation Module: Welcome & Introduction to the Program


Module 01: Introduction to AI: The past, present and future of AI and ML


Module 02: AI, ML and the economy: Achieving win-win rather than zero-sum


Module 03: Visual cognition and intelligence: The force of well-being


Module 04: Lingual cognition and intelligence: Enhanced business via AI-powered communications


Module 05: The future of robotics: The new human frontier


Module 06: AI ethics and policymaking: Safety, ethics and cultural/social impacts

Detailed date of each course will be circulated upon close of registration.

Four reasons you can’t miss 
the MBZUAI Executive Program

The MBZUAI Executive Program is a 12-week program. Limited seats are available for this first cohort. Here are four reasons you can’t miss the Program.

Enjoy access to some of the best minds in AI and ML

Whether you’re taking in a lecture by MBZUAI President and former Carnegie Mellon professor Eric Xing, or listening to real-world applications from the UAE ministry of AI, the people and solutions you will learn from are at the top of their respective fields. This program uniquely combines AI thought-leaders from both a global and local perspective.

Follow a future-facing, world-class curriculum developed in Abu Dhabi by global experts

The MBZUAI Executive Program is designed to prepare you to lead in the world of tomorrow, not only revisit case studies from the past. And the examples are directly applicable to your day-to-day work, whether you navigate the halls of power in the UAE, or you’re pitching your company's latest solutions around the world. We will help you unlock the insights you need to make savvy decisions in policy and business. At the end of the course, you will also be asked to develop concepts for how AI can be applied to your organization, and our MBZUAI experts will provide the necessary support for you to complete this task.

Gain access to our constantly evolving knowledge repository

Even after the program has ended, we will continue supporting you with fresh insights and information about how the world of AI is impacting the world you live and work in. Our faculty are at the bleeding edge of AI and ML research, and we are making their cutting-edge knowledge and tech a renewable resource for you, wherever success takes you.

Take part in unique, high-level networking opportunities

We get it, you are busy. However, nothing helps you advance faster than the right connections. The MBZUAI Executive Program aims to bring brilliant minds together, not only to learn, but also to create connections that catalyze AI understanding and adoption. During the program, you will have the chance to engage directly with our top faculty and leadership, and you will work closely with your peers. It’s a set of experiences that will bring you close to people who can open doors and offer a guiding hand when the weight of the future is in yours.