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Research Fellow/Associate (Multiple Research Projects)

The Research Fellow/Associate (RF/RA) will engage in advanced study and academic research, and contribute to the teaching, research, and academic administration of the department. 

The RF/RA will be involved in the research projects focused on one of the following topics,

  1. Object detection and segmentation 
  2. Few-shot/Zero-shot learning
  3. Meta-learning 
  4. Adversarial attacks and defenses
  5. Continual learning
  6. Low-level vision 
  7. Video analysis


Reporting to the Associate/Assistant Professor, the RF/RA will be involved in leading, developing, coordinating and supervising research projects in these areas including:

  • Work involved in the collaborations with project partners
  • Guidance to researchers, PhD/MSc students
  • Support in securing further funding to underpin the research if needed



  • Develop research questions in a specific context, conduct individual research, analyze detailed and complex qualitative and/or quantitative data from a variety of sources, and generate original ideas by building on existing concepts
  • Develop, establish and pursue appropriate analytical protocols and techniques to support the university research goals
  • Regularly write research articles for peer-reviewed conferences, journals, book chapters and reviews. Present papers at national/international conferences, and lead seminars to disseminate research findings
  • Agree on clear task objectives, organize, and delegate work to other members of the team and coach other members of the group on specialist methodologies/procedures
  • Share responsibility for shaping project plans and writing of group-funding applications for new research projects
  • Liaise with funding bodies and provide information to project stakeholders and represent the research group at external meetings/seminars
  • Carry out collaborative projects with colleagues in partner institutions and research groups
  • As part of academic development, the RF/RA may have the opportunity to teach or assist in teaching (including lecturing, demonstrating, small-group teaching, and supervision of MSc/PhD projects in collaboration with principal investigators).
  • Permission must be sought in advance for each opportunity


Candidate Specification

  • Candidate should have a relevant PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computer science, or a related discipline,
  • Research Fellow: a minimum of 2 years of research work after PhD with a strong publication record in top CV/ML venues (CVPR/ICCV/ECCV, NeurIPS/ICML/ICLR)
  • Research Associate: no minimum post-doc experience is required but a solid research publication record is required (papers in CVPR/ICCV/ECCV, NeurIPS/ICML/ICLR)
  • Possess sufficient technical knowledge in the discipline to develop research projects and methodologies
  • Ability to work independently or with a team and enjoy hands-on work on practical problems.
  • Strong mathematical understanding of different ML algorithms especially Deep Learning
  • Strong programming background especially Python
  • Excellent knowledge of at least one deep learning framework such as PyTorch or TensorFlow



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